October 12th, 2004

aquatic, the life

the food i consumed whilst the 'rents were in town

Jinx: Bagel sandwich w/cream cheese and cucumbers, strawberry banana odwalla juice.

Artists' Restaurant: Spanakopita, hot chocolate.

Mas: some kind of a chicken dish, but for some reason I can't remember what it was, cabernet sauvignon.

Paul's House: 1.5 glasses of a not so great Cabernet Sauvignon. Collapse )

btw, if you didn't know already, I LOVE food. i ate at so many amazing restaurants while my parents were in town. i'm going to have to get used to not eating out from now on (at least for awhile). i had leftovers from think for lunch. goodbye amazing food!

last night i finished reading asleep and it was great, so today i started reading lizard. i'm quickly finishing off banana yoshimoto's entire catalog. ;) in awesome news, owen owenm is going to be in chicago on friday on a last minute business trip! how exciting! i haven't seen him since the time we followed belle & sebastian on tour a few days. mm! anyways, it will be great to see him.
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