October 7th, 2004

aquatic, the life

one year in chicago (or one year away from dc)

october 5, 2003: left from alexandria, va with kathleen babydkj following my car with the u-haul truck. arrived late o'clock that night & kathleen parked the truck on my street and went to stay with her friends.

october 6, 2003: eric (my boyfriend at the time) and i unloaded my car in the wee small hours in the morning because there was no way in the world i was going to leave my cds & lps in my car at night. later that day i unloaded and unpacked and eoin, a friend i'd met on lipstickandcigarettes.com came over and helped.

basically, this just means that officially yesterday was the one year anniversary of me moving to chicago. it's pretty awesome when i think about just how far i've come, how i've grown as a person, how being broken up with was probably the best thing to happen to me, how i'm in a wonderful relationship now, how i've made incredible friends here, etc.

i have so many pictures to put up (show shots, my visits with friends the past few weeks, more recent photobooth photos, etc.). it will happen so soon. my room is going to finally come together this weekend only two months after i moved in. the kitchen is now 1/4 completely done. i'm hoping to finish it up tonight, so in preparation, i'll be going to the gym on my lunch break for upper body and doing my cardio after work. my parents are probably on the road to chicago right now and should be in (hopefully) before midnight. i'm off work tomorrow and monday to spend time with them. i'm really looking forward to it, since my mom has never been here and my dad hasn't been here in 38 years! i didn't write anything about it, but i posted the tattoo photos, so i assumed you would know that i had an awesome weekend. having leslie in town was so absolutely incredible and made me realize just how much fun we always had. WELL, it looks like what i said here is coming true. leslie _protocol will be moving here in march. all of my friends loved her and she had such a good time that she's really going to do it after she moves to mass. for a lil' while. yayers.
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