September 18th, 2004

aquatic, the life

no dc go

unfortunately, i will no longer be in dc this weekend after all. it's a boring story involving me waiting at the airport for 2 hours while they tried to decide if my plane was going to take off before midnight last night, with the outcome not looking good. WELL, i decided that i would need a full two days in dc and that anything less would just not be enough, so i canceled my flight and took the el to cumberland and paul came and picked me up and we went to des plaines to eat dinner at a fancy italian restaurant instead. it was mediocre. i came back and got a number of calls to go out, but opted for staying in and watching various bits of movies on cable and then getting really sad about not being in dc this weekend. :/ today is better though. being here allows me to go to this awesome yard sale i wanted to go to, as well as the renegade arts craft fair, which is nice, but my heart is still in dc. sigh.

ps. also, i have no idea where my roommates are. at all.

pss. i also finished take the cannoli and i LOVED it. sometimes it felt like i was reading something written by daria. i jumped straight into np by banana yoshimoto and i'm loving it.
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