September 17th, 2004

aquatic, the life

another survey, because i have plenty to say

seven things i love
1. getting mixtapes in the mail
2. the sizzle sound that water makes when it hits a hot pan
3. sleeping in/naps
4. paul's skin
5. finding a new favorite restaurant
6. jeans that fit me properly
7. hugs from loved ones

seven things you dislike
1. falling out of touch with people who used to be my everything
2. the smell of tuna fish or garbage
3. spiders and silverfish
4. inconsiderate smokers
5. being pinched
6. missing my train by 5 seconds
7. people talking while at a table with other people while in a restaurant (i've done this myself, but i'm going to stop)

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aquatic, the life AGAIN

dudes, okay, time to get desperate:

mine has gone through and three of my friends have gone through. if you haven't signed up yet through someone else and no one in yr household has signed up, then PLEASE do it. it only takes a minute. there are some cool things to try out. they are changing it up, so it's not the same 5 offers everyone was talking about when it first started. anyways, pretty please. i am so close, yet so far away without yr help.

also, my plane touches down tonight at 9:37pm @ dulles! woo. :) also, i booked paul and i a flight home for thanksgiving. double woo!
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