September 14th, 2004

aquatic, the life

leigh's itinerary

Friday, 17 Sep 04 Flight DH 1175
Depart: Chicago, IL / OHare (ORD) 6:35 pm
Arrive: Washington, DC / Dulles (IAD) 9:39 pm

Sunday, 19 Sep 04 Flight DH 1178
Depart: Washington, DC / Dulles (IAD) 10:00 pm
Arrive: Chicago, IL / OHare (ORD) 10:58 pm

just in case someone wants to offer to pick me up and/or drop me off (in virginia). i'm such a dork. i can't wait to go home, even if it's only really for 2 days. i'll be leaving straight from work (possibly a little early). i haven't flown independence air yet, so i'll give a full report on their quality of peanuts and the comfyness of seats. the reason for my trip home is to figure out what i need my parents to bring me when they come visit me in early october, since they're driving. anyways, i'm looking forward to seeing everyone. no concrete plans as of yet, except rummaging through my stuff.

possible plans: bad teen movie (will sleepover be out yet?), harmony cafe, sunflower restaurant, 29 diner (formerly, and always tastee's to me), four seasons restaurant, etc. etc. as you can see most of my favorite places are food-related. are there any good shows friday or saturday night?
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