September 9th, 2004

aquatic, the life

anyone up for a RANDOM road trip?

Parenthetical Girls, Jason Anderson, Little Headhunter, The Rabbits (jason & nikole)

Thursday, September 9th
9pm @ 7th St. Space, Dekalb, IL

SO, i'm definitely going to go. i completely forgot and dekalb is pretty close, so there's really no reason not to. does anyone want to join me? also, i worked out this morning. GO TEAM LEIGH! as a result, i am starving!

ALSO, i am nearly done reading trading up by candace bushnell. it's 504 pages. i can't believe i read such a vapid novel when i could have been reading something good. oh bother. honestly, i could have been reading Soaps Digest and i think i would have enriched my life in the same way that this novel has: AKA NOT AT ALL! the next book on my list to read is take the cannoli: stories from the new world by sarah vowell. i had attempted to read the partly cloudy patriot and just couldn't get through it because it was so dense (and i am so used to reading fluff). i'm going to try to do what laini did when she had that reading journal. we'll see if can remember all of the books i've plowed through this year.
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