August 23rd, 2004

aquatic, the life

DC kids, what's going on september 17th & 18th?

anything good going on september 17th & 18th? i'll be home through the afternoon of the 19th to put together things i need my parents to drive out to me when they come visit in early october. SO, this means you get some leigh time. i was going to try to set up a make-outparty, but honestly, i'm not sure i have enough time to plan it out AND do all the stuff i'd like to do when i'm home. anyways, let me know...dootdootdoot. thanks!

ps. i'd really like to hit up 29 diner (tastee's) & sunflower & harmony since i haven't been to any of those places in OVER A YEAR (can you believe it?).

UPDATE 1:42pm: DC KIDS, welcome choppercorey to yr town! he's just moved there from ann arbor. he's on friendster. you can find him here. if you're looking for a fellow music geek who will go to shows with you, he's yr man!
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