August 11th, 2004

aquatic, the life

acquring things & getting rid of things!

so...i got this in the mail today. it was definitely the most i have ever spent (and will ever spend) on any piece of music memorabilia, but do you know what? i've wanted this ever since i first started listening to radiohead 10+ years ago. i am so psyched!

chicagoans, which day would be better for you to come to our yardsale? this saturday (august 14) or next next saturday (august 28). also, let me know if you have stuff you'd like to sell at our yardsale? personally, i'm voting on next next saturday since that will give becky, ginny, and i more time to sift through (and unpack) our boxes of stuff and find things to sell. also, i think this saturday is too soon. oh man, i think i might have just made up my mind, but i just texted becky & ginny to see if the 28th would be cool. anything leftover we will save for the indie rock swap meet. radicool!

these past three days i've watched the alien films in order. i'd never seen them before, so it's pretty intense for me. paul and i are preparing to see alien vs. predator, so we're trying to watch ALL of the alien movies as well as the predator movies. geez louise. who would have thought i'd be so into these? it's been a long time since i've watched something this scary (seriously).

anyways, lots of news. lots of little accomplishments, but no time at the moment to go back & finish this huge post i started.
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