June 14th, 2004

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masters of the survey

i don't know how i managed to do it, but i'm here at "home" in virginia on night number three and i am FUCKING LONELY and listening to masters of the hemisphere. the now! music and fashion benefit show was awesome and i got to see a bunch of people i really had wanted to see. i ended up WORKING that night since the computers were down. hah. typical! anyways, it was fun and good and it made me miss working at a record store more than i already did. anyhow...in investigating why laini hadn't called me by looking at her journal, i saw her answering these questions and decided to do it:

13 whispering jokes to friends in movies
12 imitating friend's voices (i'm pretty good at some of you)
11 super saturated photography
10 how small baby fingers are
09 finding records on my wants list
08 waking up to paul arms wrapped around me
07 turning on the radio to a favorite song
06 flavor ice/freeze pops on hot days
05 receiving unexpected packages/letters
04 big eye paintings (but i can only afford prints)
03 band tee shirts
02 finding money in my pockets that i didn't know was there
01 puppies Collapse )

so, basically, if you want to see me, call me. here's my schedule (tenatively):

TUE: haircut in the a.m. in old town. hanging out with jeffy in the p.m.
WED: recording at gavin's.
THU: chronicle of riddick with leslie and jp. jv/ptl @ black cat, if i'm listed. if not, then most likely not.
FRI: to philly ? (spaceboy, kingdom of vegetarians)
SAT: to philly ? (see above)
SUN: father's day stuff in the morning, methinks.
MON: depart early A.M. for chicago.

things i would like to do: check out this new cd cellar location. go to crisp 'n juicy.
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