June 8th, 2004

aquatic, the life

what should i do?

the microphones @ buddy gallery, 9pm vs. the following:

@ Gene Siskel Film Center, 8:45pm tonight.

Back by popular demand!
Jefferson Root in person!
2003, Jefferson Root , USA, 97 min.
With Michael Loeffelholz, Katherine Whitney, Steven W. Bailey

Critically acclaimed and a box-office sellout at its world premiere here last September, Jefferson Root’s first film tells of a group of guys obsessed with making mix tapes for their girlfriends. As the story unfolds, the tape takes on many forms, from romantic to psychotic, and, even though the girls may know what’s up, sometimes a really great tape is hard to resist. A bittersweet comedy about love, and music, and no love, and music, MIX TAPE wears its analog heart on its sleeve -- a valentine to a vanishing art form. Shot entirely on location in the neighborhoods of Chicago, the film packs its soundtrack with music from The American Analog Set, Bossa Nova 2600, The Mountain Goats, The Reputation, Sebadoh, and more. DV-CAM video. (JR)

I REALLY REALLY REALLY FUCKING WANT TO SEE THIS (DUH!). SO, I AM GOING TO TRY TO DO BOTH, I THINK. 8:45 - 10:15. will microphones be on by then? HM. no one is picking up at the buddy gallery. tell me what to do. if i could only choose one...GAH. i haven't ever actually got to see phil, so...

UPDATE 1:51pm: CRISIS AVERTED. they're coming back. phew! so i don't have to feel so bad missing them, because "you had me at hello, mixtape".

Wed. Aug. 25th Chicago IL Open End Gallery, 2000 W. Fulton, $8
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