May 4th, 2004

aquatic, the life

OBSCENE POST: recent purchases/acquisitions - dating a month back


airiel - winks & kisses (cdep) (clairecords)
belle & sebastian - step into my office, baby (cd-s) (matador rough trade oops)
belle & sebastian - i'm a cuckoo (cd-s) (matador rough trade oops)
blow, the - the concussive caress, or, casey caught her mom singing along with the vacuum (k)
cassettes, the - o'er the mountain (alice)
* citizens here and abroad - ghosts of tables and chairs (omnibus)
clapp, allen and his orchestra - one hundred percent chance of rain (the bus stop label)
dune, herman - turn off the light (prohibited)
k.c. accidental - anthems for the could've bin pills (noise factory)
** krebs, pete - bittersweet valentines (cavity search)
lali puna - faking the books (morr)
meeting places, the - find yourself along the way (words on music)
oye, erlend - dj kicks (!k7)
*** paperbacks, the - an episode of sparrows (pshaw!)
park - it won't snow where you're going (lobster)
**** skating club - bugs & flowers (wishing tree)

reckless records

broken social scene - bee hives (arts & crafts)
call and response - winds take no shape (badman)
dashboard confessional - a mark, a mission, a brand, a scar (vagrant)
iron & wine - our endless numbered days (sub pop)
modest mouse - good news for people who love bad news (epic)
my favorite - the happiest days of our lives (double agent)
one am radio, the - a name writ in water (level plane)
pale horse and rider - moody pike (darla)
pas/cal - oh honey, we're ridiculous (le grand magistery)
rainer maria - anyone in love with you (already knows) (polyvinyl)
stills, the - logic will break your heart (vice)

wluw record fair

elliott - false cathedrals (revelation)
hood - cold house (aesthetics)
lenola - treat me to some life (file 13)
mae - s/t (cd-s) (self-released)

at a show/random

pedro the lion - achilles heel (jade tree)
randomNumber - towards the forlorn society (catmobile)
snow patrol - final straw (a&m)
strokes, the - room on fire (rca)


* 01 highly recommended them! (misread his journal. chris said he was listening to it a lot, but i guess that was because he was reviewing it).
** i believe i saw a photograph ch grassfire's journal and it was only $1
*** jason anderson recommended them to me and i had a split with them & jason.
**** both shelly & stephanie go on and on about them and this cd was way cheap, so i bought it even though i remember thinking the vocals sounded like some terrible radio friendly band that i've since blocked from my mind,
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    the meeting places - now i know you could never be the one