April 27th, 2004

aquatic, the life

hood is (still) good

this has been a rather interesting couple of days. as per usual when this sort of thing happens, < thom yorke > i just don't know anymore < / end thom yorke > . one thing that i do know is that i fucking love the fuck out of hood. i bought 'cold house' on cd at the wluw record fair since i only own it on lp and, honestly, this is the best thing ever (right now)...listening to it on headphones and ranting and/or raving on aim. to this day not going to see hood in pennsylvania remains one of my biggest regrets. i think that's fairly nice that i really don't have a long list of regrets.

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aquatic, the life

my life right now is a hit avril lavigne song (and no i don't mean 'skater boi')


i forgot that there is no panic tomorrow night and instead the following is taking place: Collapse )
darn it. well, i'd like to go to that, but i'm brokey broke. speaking of which, what do my chicago-area people think about a lil' get-together/potluck/party on may 7th (friday) in celebration of my birthday (see: may 10th)? are there any show conflicts? right now i'm so broke i can't be bothered to check. gross. is there a better day for me to do it? i was thinking sunday night (may 9th), but then i figure people won't be able to stay out as late and i really want this to be a late night. let me know. i am going to depart soonishly to meet adam and paul b. at the aquarium.

OMFG, i see radiohead THIS saturday night, as in IN A COUPLE OF DAYS. it hasn't sunk in completely yet, though it started to yesterday morning when waking up to 'ok computer'.
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