April 6th, 2004

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architects and ethan (no longer hott) hawke

i totally bought this apple juice because it's a pedro the lion song. okay, well, i was kidding as to WHY i bought it. the real reason was because it was cheaper than the big name brand stuff, but it's some darn good apple juice. miss manda and i had a lovely talk about different apple juice brands last night. if any of you have yet to see her lj, you really should: m80050. her artwork is simply brilliant. i asked her to draw my tattoo and it's just about perfect. she's doing a few minor tweaks and then VOILA! anyhow, you'll all see on friday night, i suppose. eeps!

i made kraft macaroni & cheese last night with eight continent vanilla soymilk, since i really don't buy real milk often and my roommate was out. let me just say that i wouldn't do it again. it's all sweet. macaroni & cheese should not be sweet.

i really have no reason to post other than the fact that i am on my lunch break. this weekend i saw two films: my architect: a son's journey and taking lives. actually, i had pre-concieved notions about both films. i thought i'd absolutely love the first and dislike the second. turned out it was sort of the other way around.

My Architect: A Son's Journey was sort of like watching a near mid-life crisis. granted, it would have been awful to grow up barely knowing one's father, but to make a self-indulgent "poor me" documentary about it was just wrong. during his moments of reflection, it felt like he was reading off cue cards. i would have been much more engrossed in this film had someone else directed it, but as it was the beautiful architecture and sad story were spoiled by this big 40something year old baby.

i went to see taking lives because brandy didn't want to see the corny bad movies i wanted to see (13 going on 30, the prince & me, etc.). i secretly like angelica jolie in non-action films, so i said yes. i walked out of there actually pleasantly surprised. it was an alright story throughout the film, but it really wowed me in the end. the direction was wonderful. i'd seen another film by the director, the salton sea and felt similarly. he just needs to get a really well-written script sans plot holes and work his cinematic wonder. mm. anyways, it was good. ever since it came out that ethan was cheating on uma, he's become less and less hott. to use a jp phrase, he's lookin' "kinda busted". speaking "being busted", i'm pretty glad no one at work ever caught on that i was ljing many of my days away. oh, thursday 5pm, you cannot come quickly enough.
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aquatic, the life

early bday celebration at honolulu...

so...apparently honolulu restaurant will continue on in another way: dave and anna's dot com. check it!

also, i have decided that saturday (IF FOOD IS INDEED BEING SERVED?) is going to be my celebrated birthday, since i won't be in town for my actual birthday. who thinks they could make it saturday afternoon? my flight gets in around 12:45 in baltimore, but alex gardenhead and hopefully a posse will come pick me up and take me to honolulu around 3 or something. anyone else game? of course if this falls through and we can't actually eat (the website says something about there being a silent auction and it just kind of implies that the auction IS the 10th), of course FOUR SEASONS is the alternate. duh. anyways, if yr game, txt msg my phone.
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