March 29th, 2004

aquatic, the life


if you still trade bootlegs or even know anyone who still does and has a large number of them, pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease look at or tell them to look at this post and if they have this bootleg, get in touch with me. the tracklist follows for the Collapse )
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    actually nothing. what is wrong with me lately?
aquatic, the life

get me out of here

the month of april is totally insane show-wise. i might trek out to craft night tonight. panic every wednesday. the first meeting of my book club is thursday. man oh man. hopefully i'll be able to actually READ the first novel we choose. no one can say i'm not keeping busy.

also, i'm kind of surprised no one looked at my epic entry re: silver jews & dcfc a few days back. there are photos even. aw sad.

in other news, my email is still broken. i rode my bike to the pontiac cafe yesterday to meet ginny and have drinks because it was the nicest day EVER. then we walked my bike over to the bike shop that has a free air pump outside and then we went to a record store on north i had yet to go to, but now i forget the name. as we left the record store, the sky opened up and it started pouring so i rode my bike one way and she walked the other way. it was very cinematic.

last night was the first time i had a real conversation with my mom in 2 weeks, since i was upset at them about not encouraging my dream of working at the record shop. she says that they want me to come home for easter. this is the first i've heard of this. since my tattoo appointment is tenatively scheduled for april 9th at 6:30pm, i think i might take the train up to milwaukee, get inked, and then fly to dc that night from mke (this would mean i would be in dc the night of april 9th through mid-day april 13th) i'm kind of terrified to get it done alone, but it turns out that most of my friends have got their first tattoos by themselves. maybe this just means i'm a super wuss, but i cry when something hurts. cera offered to go with me, but she couldn't go until the following weekend and i can't put it off anymore than i already have. you know me...when i have an idea in my head, i try to check it off the list asap (even if that doesn't always end up happening).

ps. if i haven't already told you what i'm going to get, then you'll just find out when i post pictures after the fact.
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