March 23rd, 2004

aquatic, the life

bands i have seen the most over the years...

today has been a strange day. i started it off looking at my shows list, which i am finally updating. anyways, it turns out i've seen these bands the following numbers of times:

a different type of top 40(ish)

anne summers - 27 (*)
dismemberment plan - 27 (*)

metropolitan - 16 (*)

radiohead - 15

longwave - 14

rainer maria - 13

maserati - 12

barcelona - 10 (*)
dressy bessy - 10

aden - 9 (*)
the saturday people - 9 (*)

death cab for cutie - 8Collapse )

local bands have a star to the right of their name. already, i think since i've been in chicago, i'd say that i've seen troubled hubble the most of any band local to this area; 4 times so far i do believe. wait. maritime might actually be tied though. hm...see! this is why i have to update my shows list or else i would never be able to put this list together! i haven't updated it since OCTOBER, before i moved here. HOLY HECK! :)
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