March 18th, 2004

aquatic, the life

new crush applicants, apply here.

a month ago my head was spinning with a pile of new crush boys, but seemingly all of those have faded and fizzled, which brings us to the fact that i am currently seeking a new crush or two (hundred). if you think that you'd be qualified to fill this position, please comment saying why.

you are on yr way if you meet the following requirements:

[ ] you have an unhealthy obsession with bands spawning across various indie music subgenres.
[ ] you make killer mixes (okay, okay, i'll settle for mix cds, but i always prefer tapes).
[ ] you love independent cinema, but you enjoy really bad teen comedies once in awhile.
[ ] you love animals.
[ ] you do not smoke or do drugs.
[ ] you love taking roadtrips.
[ ] you dance at both dance nights and shows.
[ ] radiohead is in your top 5 all-time favorite bands.
[ ] you read a book every month or so.
[ ] you are not on the rebound from a relationship that ended in the past few months AND you are not currently in a relationship.

bonus points:

[ ] you live in the chicago area.
[ ] you have floppy (see: hugh grant) or curly (see: hayden) hair.
[ ] you are 23+.
[ ] you are tall (at least 5'9").
[ ] you actually buy records.

ps. don't worry. all the comments to this entry will only be viewable to me (aka: screened).
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