January 20th, 2004

aquatic, the life

i'm changing my name to bridget jones

on saturday night before meeting up with the person who had my wrens ticket, my phone fell out of my pocket and onto a pile of slushy ice and broke. the wrens show was awesome. it's been a really long time since i've been to a real rock show that has got me all choked up wondering why i'd never heard the wrens before. after the show miss stephanie and i ate at arturo's and then drove to mke. at least we beat the sun there. thank god for beulah! all day sunday i spent in milwaukee trying to rectify my broken phone situation. i got back late sunday night and slept in late this morning.

i tweaked my resume around noon and sent it to t-mobile, because the guy who helped me at the t-mobile store in mke suggested that i apply with them, since i was familiar with the plans/different phones AND BECAUSE I NEED A JOB. after that i drove TO the t-mobile store in lakeview, which was the closest store to me. they didn't have loaner phones, so they called somewhere around 20 other stores to find me one. it turned out that the ONLY place in the chicagoland area was in matteson, il which turned out to be ONLY a 40 minute drive for me in rush hour traffic. in the end i know i should just be happy, since i have a phone temporarily, so i'm not totally fucked, however i'm not happy that i'll have to drive back there to drop it off once my replacement phone comes. i went to my first meeting of the "crafty ladies" tonight and it was really a neat thing to witness. all in all, i didn't really learn too much tonight, since everyone was busy doing their own thing. i didn't mind much, since i got to meet some new people and i plan on going again next week. afterwards, i dropped the friend who had invited me off (kristen) and then went grocery shopping at the 24 hour jewel by her house, where i heard 'all by myself' and nearly started bawling. seriously. also, i missed dcfc on craig kilbourn. gar. to remedy my having missed one of my all-time favorite bands debut on television, i made a pink drink (a large part smirnoff raspberry vodka, limeade, and cranberry-raspberry juice) and consumed it rapidly. oh, sleep -- you devil you...get over here.

IN MUSIC NEWS: a new figurine limited edition lathe cut 7" disc (two other limited discs are available at the site) is being offered by 555 records. apparently, as a label they are thinking of throwing in the towel. THIS SUCKS. support them in 2004, so that MAYBE they'll change their mind about calling it quits. 555 is a lovely label that is muchly deserving of yr love. see here.

ps. i can't wait for my big fat obnoxious fiancee tonight!
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