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"and when i'm with you, i wanna soap opera kiss you..."

"and when i'm with you,
wanna soap opera kiss you,
til your eyes are rollin' back in your head..."

-hello, i don't even know my own name (push kings)

last night i saw push kings at the velvet lounge. i'd been wanting to see them for ages. i used to be penpals with this guy named adam and he sent me a mixtape with 'macy, macy' on it. that was years back and that was when i fell in love. kid rock was also on the mixtape and that was long before he 'blew up'. it was a good mixtape tho, i swear. one of my faves.

in any case, push kings effing rule and i wish i'd gone to see them in philly the night before, but i had no ride, so i was s-o-l. they were so great. mimi + i danced up front + james + christina stood their ground a wee bit behind us. it was so great! their setlist said this:


they didn't really stick to it tho! they played 'macy, macy' for me! GAH! it was GREAT! they also played 'love in my heart'. mm. so good. i'm totally swoony in love with them [not in the jeremiah way]. they really have fun with what they do. i have the best time at shows where the band playing is smiling. then i end up wearing a big goofy grin as well. i'm going to do an interview with push kings as soon as i can think up some questions.

and now i'm listening to delta haymax. jeremiah put them on the tape he made me and i got all mushy for them and bought their cd + ep off yummy! i am on musical overload here. i've also been obsessing over the deathray davies who i saw on monday night at the metro cafe. i went to that show to see the vue and ended up love love loving the deathray davies. i missed centro-matic, but i spoke with [oh shite, i forget his name] because he was totally holding their pet squirrel and it was bizarre. yes -- centro-matic + the deathray davies have a pet squirrel. i think they are giving it to a friend or something because where their tour is going that species of squirrel does not live. it was awesome. it sleeps in a box and eats almonds. i am not smoking crack.

my show order is really out of order, but i saw pedro the lion/owls/new end originals [i missed seldom] at the new black cat. it was my first time there and what a sight. my friend ben said it best, "if they were making a movie about the black cat, it would be set [in the new space]. it's cleaner, bigger, and more glossy." i totally agree. it's like an enlarged version of the black cat. i never went to the space when it was the cage [and i don't really feel like i missed anything]. it's a nice space. it's just so huge. gah! new end originals were my fave band of the night. owls i liked but didn't love [i never cared for joan of arc or cap'n jazz]. and pedro the lion disappointed me. last time i saw them was at the metro cafe and it was great. maybe it was because it was so intimate there and people weren't talking, but i really think the performance on tuesday had something missing. it was good but not great.

i do not want to go to work today. i want to do laundry and put stuff up on ebay [something i've been meaning to do for months now]. first i am going to shower. tonight: american analog set [hopefully].

i used to have a diaryland and this used to be there, but i decided to move all of my entries here.

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