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* wax on wax off *

i got back from work at 6:00ish and went straight on to washing my car. then i ate dinner and then i went back out there with zee turtle wax. i bet most of my friends can't picture me laboring for 2.5 hours washing my car. however, today i did just that. on the way home from work, i drove by a bank and the temperature read 86 degrees! it was an absolutely gorgeous day today and i did something productive with it for once!

last night was also gorgeous but what did i do? i watched two movies: 'bubble boy' [upon recommendation from lalalaini] + 'things behind the sun'. i recommend 'bubble boy' to anyone who's in love with jake gyllenhaal ['donnie darko']. purr. way too many boner jokes tho! ALMOST as many as in '40 days and 40 nights'. so i'd be wary if that sort of thing offends you! josh hartnett looking like an alien in '40 days and 40 nights' offended me more than the boner jokes. that and the fact that his haircut looks like it was done with a weedwhacker.

onto more serious topics: 'things behind the sun' was a really good film. it's written and directed by allison anders and about an event that happened to her in her adolescence. the cinematography was pretty wowwing and the music was great. the subject matter was a lot to take on, of course, because it was about rape. rape scenes in movies are always really hard to swallow, and this whole film is all about one woman's rape at the age of 16, so it's even harder to swallow. don't watch this in a group of friends. don't watch it in bits. if you're going to watch it at all, give it your attention fully, please. it was really wierd for me seeing alan m [gabriel mann] from josie & the pussy cats in a role like this. he's a rock writer who knows the deep dark details of the rape of singer/songwriter sherry mcgrale. if you're looking for a good true story with a strong cast, you might want to try this one.

god. i feel like those bits on reading rainbow where they sum up books in like 10 seconds then do that cheesy doo-dit-ditt music to warp into the next segment.

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