October 29th, 2003

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halloweenie costumeanies

so, everyone is talking about their halloween costumes and what they're going to be, etc. i suppose i'll follow suit. eric went to a party last saturday. he bought a little kid's crocodile halloween costume at spencer gifts. we took it back to my place and i cut the heck out of it and modified it so that the head had a few extra snaps so it would fit eric. he cut the body up and made it into a belt with the tail hanging out the back, tucked underneath his dress shirt (we came from a wedding reception, mind you). i cut holes in the footies, so his fingers fit through and another hole for the thumb to go through. it didn't take very long at all and apparently he was a hit at the party. he told people he was alligator man, even though he was really a crocodile man.

my original idea was to go as FRIENDSTER. i have some idea how i will pull this off, but we'll see. we're going to two parties this weekend, so i've still got a few days to put something together. eric kept saying he wanted to go as the radish spirit from spirited away, but he also said he'd like to go as no face, SO, i think i might make him that, which will actually be fairly easy. i was joking that i should go as chihiro then, but couples wearing related costumes isn't really our thing. anyways, here's a poll:

Poll #198082 halloweenies

knowing what you know of me, what do you think i should be for halloween?

any other ideas?

i was thinking of going as FRIENDSTER for halloween. do you think this is a good idea?


if yr answer to the above was yes, how would i pull that costume off?

what is yr halloween costume going to be this year?

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