September 18th, 2003

aquatic, the life

oh isabel... looks like i'm stuck in chicago for a lil' while longer due to miss 'bel. i'm really not sure how much longer though. bwi is closed, so i can't fly there. southwest has no idea when they'll be able TO fly to baltimore, so i can't even re-book my flight yet. it's all very frustrating. chicago/mke peeps: text message my phone (from my LJ userinfo page) with what shows are going on tonight, purr lease.

goodbye pernice brothers @ ottobar tonight.
possibly goodbye to broken social scene/metric tomorrow in philly.
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aquatic, the life

sleeping under a desk

well, i successfully slept under a desk and ate almost an entire bag of mini mint milanos this afternoon. i didn't do much else. actually, i printed out a bunch of apartment listings and looked through them too, but that was pre-nap. oh, and i started a chicago shows list as well. i'll put it up once i flesh it out. i rescheduled my flight for tomorrow at 12:30p. i should be arriving in baltimore at 3:15p, providing isabel doesn't get in my way. if so, then i'll miss broken social scene in philly, but i bought a ticket to see them at the abbey here on the 6th, so i'll get to see them no matter what, just not with my favoritest people, jeff glueslabs and shannon symptom (btw, did you see the newest lomomission? YOU HAVE TO ENTER).

well, the carlsonics AND anne summers are unable to play my going away party/AKA make-out party #5, which totally sucks, but in the end that will only make it one notch lower than the AWESOMEST party ever. i'll post the info in a private entry in just one moment, in a separate entry, so feel free to cut and paste to only the awesomest of yr friends. we are going to charge a small cover of $2 or $3, because it looks like we are going to have a keg or two and food, and also i'd like to pay the bands something for playing. anyways, just one moment...
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aquatic, the life

MAKE OUT WITH LEIGH (before she leaves for the windy city)



27 september @ diver city house

show up at 6pm, rock out at 7pm

$3 cover charge for food/kegs/bands

METROPOLITAN (stephen malkmus and lou reed as channeled through john masters)
COME DOWN (shoegaze from NY)
THE CITY THE SEA (clark is in it, that's all you need to know. they are awesome.)
GAVIN CONNER (oh, what a crooner. he'll be playing during the intermissions between bands.)

WHEN PROMOTING, DO NOT CUT & PASTE THIS PART: to my nearest and dearest, i've made pins for you to remember me by and sport around town. it's similar to the idea of "friends of leigh", which was something karyn and jennifer came up with, where ppl would wear a pin with the letters FOL. basically, if you are wearing a pin, then you're allowing other ppl with the pin to approach you and say hi. there are 2 designs. 50 of each design. my drawings. one of a boy. one of a girl. the earlier you get there, and the less drunk i am, the more likely you are guaranteed a pin.
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    the clacking of keys, the hum of computers