September 9th, 2003

aquatic, the life

AUDIOPOST: "she said i'm gonna love the hell out of you..."

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oh audblog. i love you.

dear friends,

what kind of beer should i get for the keg(s) at my party? ALSO, MAS IMPORTANTE, those of you who have had pins made, what is the cheapest/most reliable place to get pins made with the fastest turnaround? link me.


ps. i just deleted 400 old emails out of my inbox and started organizing my room. mm.
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    silver jews - i'm gonna love the hell out of you
aquatic, the life


finally, i've typed up the list of the stuff i played when i djed hump night @ galaxy hut. the bands i think that are criminally overlooked and are currently still together are followed by the word LINK and a link to their website. most (and by most i mean, all but ONE) of the links include an mp3 or two, SO PLEASE GO CHECK THEM OUT (and let me know what you think).

hang (out with) the DJ
27 august 2003 from 9pm-ish to 1am-ish:

starflyer 59 - drive a lot (tooth & nail)
come down - this is not a song (demo) LINK
aveo - bridge to the northern lights (red tired)
vitesse - late morning (acuarela)
the arrogants - the incurables (shelflife)
adorable - sunshine smile (creation) - REQUEST FROM JENNIFER pulpstress WHO WAS THERE IN SPIRIT
charlene - sugarblocker (sharkattack!) LINK
pinback - b (absolutely kosher)
palaxy tracks - to the chicago abyss (peek-a-boo) LINKCollapse )
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