September 6th, 2003

aquatic, the life

a total w.a.s.t.e. of time: a survey of firsts

stolen from somersault:

First best friend: erika v.
First real memory of something: in germany getting to reach my hand into a jar full of candy and getting to keep everything in that hand full after finishing my food.
First car: a blue honda accord 1987.
First date: i think the first official date i went on was in 7th grade when i went to a movie with eric r. when we went to see some terrible movie. i remember holding hands in the theatre and his palms sweating profusely.
First real kiss: king's dominion on the smurf mountain ride. no joke. i wrote a story about it that is up on tag team napping.
First break-up: chris h. and i in 10th grade. that just near broke my heart.
First job: blockbuster video 1996-present day baby (um, yeah, it's sad, tho there was a brief break somewhere in then middle)
First screen name: DEEP or MADFLOWER
First self purchased album: something from BMG/Columbia House. Stone Temple Pilots/Radiohead?
First funeral: my nana's when i was too young to really remember anything about it.
First pets: honda (dalmation/german shephard mix)
First piercing/tattoo: i got my ears pierced in 8th grade and i've had nothing else since.
First credit card: summer after my senior year of high school. yeah, that was a terrible idea.
First true love: sean m.
First enemy: dude, all the "preps" in high school! haha.
First big trip: the new york trip my 6th grade class took!
First play/musical/performance: i think i attending plays before attending my first concert, but i can't remember any of those. my first concert was the cranberries/toad the wet sprocket.
First musician you remember hearing in your house: the beatles
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aquatic, the life

d plan breaking up. anne summers playing a reunion show. leigh leaving? it's the end of the world!

anne summers were totally and completely awesome tonight at IOTA. honestly, i don't care if you think they are assholes. they put on one of the best shows ever and can still pull it off after 2 years of not playing together. holy shite. yeah, i asked them to play my going away party, which is saturday, september 27th (make sure you write this down). they might actually be able to do it! seriously, this is going to be the best thing ever. you'll see. anyhow, i'm waiting on one more band to confirm, then i'll be posting all of the information and making fliers. since it looks like we are going to have kegs and i'd like to pay the bands something, i'm actually going to charge somewhere between a $3-$5 cover.

oh yeah, i'm going to be in chicago from this wednesday (10th) to next thursday (18th). yes, this means i am missing numbers for like the 10,000th time. i do get to see charlene tho. yay!
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