September 4th, 2003

aquatic, the life

"love's a dream you enter though i shake and shake and shake you."

i just woke up and i remembered a bit of the dream i had:

it was the future and i was in an outdoor market with julia. the thing is, it was basically like a land of those vending machines where you put in your money and punch in the number of the item you want and then the glass window opens and you can take it, only these machines were laid on their backs on the ground. instead of there just being one item behind each glass window, there were multiple items behind each. i remember julia putting her money into the case with red chili peppers and as the window opened, she asked me to help gather as many as possible before the window closed. i remember distinctly thinking that we shouldn't be doing this as she chomped into one and said "yum!" then i woke up.
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aquatic, the life

today was is a good day

OMG OMG OMG! i just read the following on alex gardenhead's journal:

"UNIVERSAL MUSIC GROUP, World's Largest Music Company, DRAMATICALLY REDUCES CD PRICES. That's right-- one of the five major label groups announced a plan yesterday to lower the list price of most top-line CD's to a jaw-dropping $12.98, effective as early as October 1st. Wholesale prices will be decreased as much as 30 percent, effectively reducing the end price of many discs to between $10 and $12 at many retail outlets."

also, i get to hang out with two of my favorite boys today! alex and dan immediatetongue! today is a good day.
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