August 19th, 2003

aquatic, the life

"i don't want feelings. i don't want songs stuck in my head too long..."

on the way to the show everyone in my car (myself, alex, karyn, peter, bob) was remarking that it didn't feel like we were going to see radiohead. personally, i've been distracted by the missing. it was funny the whole car had the same feeling. we drove straight to kingdom of vegetarians and met christina (and eventually jen kindlygently), then hightailed it to spaceboy, where we spent too much time and i spent pretty much every last dime i have until thursday and i only wound up with 3 cds. we missed stephen malkmus. i don't feel too bad about that though, since i'll see him on wednesday. it was perfect, though, because when we got to the venue and got our bracelets for the pit, radiohead started playing. it was one of the best crowds i've seen radiohead with in awhile. after field day fest, i pretty much never wanted to be that close again. last night renewed my faith in the fans. i saw a lot of eyes flicking closed during favorite bits of songs. it reminded me of my church going days, after ppl would take communion. however, i've never been to a mass where ppl were smoking pot. that bit sucked. anyhow, the highlights of the show were high & dry NICE DREAM (god, what is wrong with me?), my iron lung, like spinning plates, idioteque, talk show host, etc. the entire show pretty much ruled. they played two encores. i got to see brandyn and victor m. in the parking lot, i was appauled at how many ppl were doing nitrous (sp?), which i had only just heard about last night. jen's photos (including a photo of the setlist) are here: mmm. today = ticking off boxes on my to do list and listening to the new club 8.
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