August 13th, 2003

aquatic, the life

"your wisdom could open up a door." curiosity has piqued. does anyone know who made me the mystery mixes (2CD mix and a mixtape) that arrived in my po box (since closed) at the very beginning of august? also included in this mystery package from the mystery person was a radiohead temporary tattoo for 'hail to the thief' and a burn of 'transatlanticism' directly from the cd along with a xerox of the lyrics. disc one is called 'everybody needs a thrill' taken from the dump cover of 'pop life'. disc two is called 'why miss k i do believe you' from the unrest song 'i do believe you are blushing'.

disc one:
01 | ben gibbard (solo) - steadier footing
02 | ???
03 | ???
04 | (boards of canada?)
05 | ???
06 | belle & sebastian - seeing other people (non-album version)
07 | julie doiron & hermann dunne - dirty feet
08 | gorky's zygotic mynci - the summer's been good from the start
09 | ???
10 | mascott - keeper of secretsCollapse )
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    mascott - keeper of secrets