August 1st, 2003

aquatic, the life

miss me's first | last hump night

this is completely unrelated to my previous post, but i'm djing my first|last hump night @ the galaxy hut on wednesday, 27 august. i'm just making sure you all save the date and spread the word. xo. yo. the more you drink, the more money goes into my "get the fuck out of dc" fund (okay, well it's not called that). i've already checked and nothing better is going on that night, so yr obligated to drop by.

also, i'll see you friends and friendsters at poleposition at now! music and fashion this saturday at 3pm. YES? seriously, i am quite happy they are playing. please come.
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    the clacking of keys
aquatic, the life

indicative of what this day is going to be like?

The Word of the Day for Aug 01 is:

twee \TWEE\ adjective

chiefly British: affectedly or excessively dainty, delicate, cute, or quaint

Example sentence:
Thatched-roof birdhouses with posies in the windows are a bit too twee for Annalese, who doesn't go in much for cutesiness.

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    i have 'knives out' in my head. that's not very twee.