June 26th, 2003

aquatic, the life

operation N.A.I.R.

today my mom helped my brother NAIR his back hair. oh my god. what a thing to wake up to. i think this was just the gods saying, "leigh...really, you've gotta get out of this house."

i applied for 3 jobs online on hotjobs today. honestly, all i really really want is a job where i can listen to music on headphones and do something mindless like data entry or organizing mailings or even filing paperwork all day long. honestly, i would be happy doing any of those things all day long if i was allowed to listen to music.

last night was craft night with 3/4 of the sha-sha-sha-shaw society at laini's. it went swimmingly after we had a slow start. tonight is black eyes/southkill/thee snuff project @ fort reno. i am going with miss jennifer and her sexy self. i know i'll see a bunch of you up there.
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    my dad playing 'eleanor rigby' on the piano