May 30th, 2003

aquatic, the life

"i know you love me but sometimes it's just...not heal my pain."

my cd list has been updated. jeff glueslabs also updated his tonight. who would have thought i'd be jealous? wierd!

SO...the waiting to listen to home volume V: worth it! oh ben gibbard, you and yr songwriting make me swoon all over the place. it also made me a bit late meeting alex gardenhead for the advance screening of together, which was excellent and anyone who has a deep love of music should really see it, as it comes out TODAY!

more swoon worthy news: i have succeeded in getting my rock star crush mr. jason anderson (wolf colonel) a show at the galaxy hut on 07 august with metropolitan. this is a special thursday night show. i know you're all like, "leigh: this is like ridiculously advance notice," but...i just want to make sure that everyone knows in advance about this show, because IT WILL FUCKING KNOCK YR SOCKS OFF!

also, if i were a boy, i think my voice would sound much like chris hooson of dakota suite. purr.
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    dakota suite - the ferris wheels of winter
aquatic, the life

running out of words

sheer sign of the apocalypse #1

is it just me or are they running out of words?

The Word of the Day for May 30 is:
applesauce \AP-ul-sawss\ noun

1 : a relish or dessert made of apples stewed to a pulp and sweetened
*2 slang : bunkum, nonsense

Example sentence:
"He asked for a frank opinion 'because all I ever have handed me is a lot of applesauce from the numerous friends who drink my drinks and eat my provender.'" (Judith and Neil Morgan, Dr. Seuss & Mr. Geisel)

sheer sign of the apocalypse #2

i am listening to cat power and not hating it!

05:23pm addendum - best quote all day:

joe canyon (5:14:34 PM): i just realized that i'm like satan compared to you. i mean, you're on stage blowing bubbles with dismemberment plan and i'm at the bar doing coke all night.
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    cat power - keep on runnin'