May 26th, 2003

aquatic, the life

dag, yo - buy yr d plan tix, then drink some cold ones...

okay, so last night john masters told me that the fort reno benefit show [d plan/el guapo/metropolitan] on wednesday is almost sold out, SO...if you want to see one of their last area shows, you best BUY A FORKIN' TICKET ASAP! i just bought mine online.

$10 show ticket. $3 total in ticketmaster charges. $13 total. getting to see one of yr favorite band's last shows: priceless.

also, where is the new strong bad email? ungh.

last night i went over to jeff's and then john m. and kirstin showed up and we went to 7-11 to get drinks before they closed and then we went to bob & edith's. soo...i just remembered i left my half-drank mike's hard lemonade bottle in the back seat, where i stashed it last night on the way home. i should probably retrieve that.

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