May 14th, 2003

aquatic, the life

"because no one should feel the way you feel..."

ANNOUNCEMENT: i have the best news (for serious) ever: MY LICENSE IS NOT SUSPENDED. i just got off the phone with the guy from DMV and he had me read the letter i got out loud and he's like, "nope. it just means you have to take a class by the end of july." LIKE, WHOA! i don't really feel that stupid about misreading the letter, because it is HELLA confusing and on the top of the letter it says, "notice of requirements/order of suspension", so...yea.

also, late last night a friend of mine whose musical tastes i hold in pretty high regard listened to my song bits and actually liked them. honestly, that might have been even better than the license not being suspended. well, no, but yea. i think it was he was totally high and i've been told that everything sounds better when yr high. completely unrelated: now i am going to get chicken from CRISP N JUICY with said friend jeff glueslabs and john "thejam" masters.
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    hood - winter will set you back (seasonal greetings comp.)