May 9th, 2003

aquatic, the life

"my arms and legs made of just water and air and sound..."

an invitation to my friends and friendsters...

who: my friends
what: my 24th bday celebration
where: honolulu restaurant (alexandria, va)
when: saturday, 10 may @ 7:00ish (we are talking leigh time, folks)
why: because you like me and i'm turning 24 and you want to buy drinks with names like "sundowner" and "fogcutter" that come in fancy glasses with naked ladiez on them.

for dessert, i'm thinking about carpooling it over to four seasons, depending on what ppl want to do. afterwards, i have no idea what will happen.

also, if anyone needs to arrange carpool plans or whatnot, call me on the celly cell. i'll be at now! music and fashion working from 11-2:30p tomorrow, so you can drop by there if you can't make it to dinner. after work, i'm going home. if anyone just wants to hang over before dinner, head on over. i'll be cleaning my room and alphabetizing cds.

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ooh, my tzatsiki [spell check laini] sauce should be ready by now! i'm off to pick up pita bread to eat eat with!
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