April 25th, 2003

aquatic, the life

live action last unicorn!


THE LAST UNICORN is being made into a live action movie. i can't believe mia farrow is going to be molly grue. and ladies...look at who they cast for schmendrick [the magician]!

madflowr (2:39:43 PM): whoa
jen (2:39:59 PM): you're totally spazzing aren't you?
madflowr (2:40:02 PM): yes
jen (2:40:46 PM): ha
jen (2:40:47 PM): dork

i can't believe it! seriously. whoa. i guess i should get that tattoo i dreamt about sooner as opposed to later, before everyone realizes how fucking grand the story is and wants to permanently show their love for it in ink.
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aquatic, the life

"she forgot to lay the eggs..."

SO, like, it just HIT me when i was posting my last entry and just generally looking at my journal layout. my new dj name is going to be... wait for it ... miss me. i did a search and apparently it's not taken and it's not a band, so it's mine! if you know otherwise, let me know.

details re: the first candyfloss are forthcoming!
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