April 23rd, 2003

aquatic, the life

not so subliminal advertising...

i drew one of my trademark doodles on 450 separate fliers. i handed out the first 150 after the flaming lips show on sunday night. here are ones from the batch i finished up tonight. i do so hope that a few of you come. following are some photographs of the fliers...Collapse )
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aquatic, the life

DJ name dropping

it looks like my night candyfloss is finally taking shape, so i need to think of a real honest to goodness dj name. that's where you come in.


technicolour girl
wrong heaven

OKAY - so tell me what you think of the above. also, tell me if you think these sound better by themselves or with the word "DJ" beforehand? there's one name i'm really leaning towards, but i'll reveal that later. lastly, if you come up with a DJ name that is perfectly suited for me, let me know here! i'll probably be djing either slo-core, shoegaze or international indie pop [but most likely some mix of all of these] along with a partner who'll spin new wave/upbeat indie. details are forthcoming. mwah. sleep.

oh yea...Collapse )
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aquatic, the life

the drill team scene

hey kids! sign up for the drill team team [using the link].

basically, it's an online street team type of thing, used to promote bands, but you're earning points for doing it and those points can be used to purchase music. so, it's a bit like swappingtons, only you get to promote good bands. anyhow, they're a sister company of insound, so you know they're legit. xo.
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