March 27th, 2003

aquatic, the life


27 mar - son, ambulance/david dondero/jason anderson @ quiet storm (pittsburgh, PA)

that's tonight.

does anyone from the DC area feel like coming with me? i know i know i know. i can't afford it and whatnot, but son, ambulance is one of a very few bands that i am still aching to see live and he didn't play anywhere near the dc/va/md area. last night was philly, but i was in a blockbuster training session workshop thing from 6p - 1a. :|

so, if you CAN come and will be able to help with a little gas money, please PLEASE contact me. it starts at 8pm, so if you'd like to come, call me on the cell and if you don't have that number, text msg me from my LJ user info page. seriously. you might call my state desperate.

come ON. i just found out that the venue is a vegan/vegetarian cafe/coffeehouse: SEE! anyways, it says it'll take 4 hours to get to, so that would mean i'd leave around 3:00/3:30. who's game? seriously, i am considering going by myself if no one else agrees to come with me, so...AGREE ALREADY.

addendum @ 10:51a: i just called quiet storm and they said that the shows rarely start on time. i asked what the possible LATEST the show might let out and it's 1a, when they close up. oh god. i'd get back around 5a. i can probably live with that. i'm dead set on going.
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