March 20th, 2003

aquatic, the life

world child vs. war child

i don't know if anyone's noticed, but i've completely avoided the subject of war in my journal thus far. yesterday on the way to school i was slowing down for a stoplight and i noticed a dead opossum on the side of the road. he was lying on his back and one arm was crossed over his chest and his tongue looked as though it was falling out of his mouth. at that moment, i got very sad. i thought about all the deaths this war will cause. i don't think war is the only answer, though desperate times do call for desperate measures. think about the freedoms that you enjoy in this country. our country fought to get these freedoms throughout all the ages. i don't believe in senseless bloodshed, but the entire world doesn't see things through my eyes. with war on everyone's mind, i think that people are forgetting all the beautiful things and the freedoms that we are able to enjoy.

last night i saw sigur ros @ the 9:30 club. sometimes i really do think that music is the key to world peace. maybe they should try playing ( ) and see what happens.
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aquatic, the life

"it was everything you hoped for at the start of the day..."

last night towards the end of the show i was standing next to a girl with a tattoo of a semi-nude fairy woman on her shoulder. the artistry on it was really, really good and i kept staring at it. for some reason after seeing that, i got the idea that i should get a tattoo of the last unicorn's head on my shoulder. i guess fairy women remind me of the last unicorn. anyways, i woke up this morning still thinking about it. hmmm.

if you have not ever seen the movie, the complete transcript is here, but you REALLY SHOULD SEE IT if you are a fan of gorgeous animation [rankin/bass]. i have mentioned this before in my journal, but the film contains one of my favorite songs EVER in the world, that's all i've got to say [penned by america]. i swear, i think that is where my love of boy/girl harmonies began.

my love of adam goldberg came when i saw 'all over the guy'. i forgot about him for awhile, but then i saw 'how to lose a guy in 10 days' and was reminded how ridiculously cute he is and just how much i loved his mannerisms, so i rented an embarassing number of his movies over the past month or so. i am about to watch edtv, because i am lame and broke and can't afford to see my friend's band, metropolitan, tonight. also, because adam goldberg is in it. today i saw two films in a row [both for film class, one extra credit, one required].

the first film was all the real girls [website], directed by david gordon green [george washington] which was a spectacular film and i think that anyone who appreciates fine film-making should go see it. it shows love in all its' splender and its' awkwardness. the cinematography is absolutely unparalleled to anything i have ever seen before. the opening scene is one of the most beautiful things i have ever watched on film. to boot, it has one of the best soundtracks i have ever heard [sparklehorse, mogwai, explosions in the sky, etc.]. it opens in dc next friday in d.c. after the film, david gordon green [director], and paul schneider [star] did a q&a session.

someone, predictably, asked about their influences and PS said that he thought DGG didn't have influences, but rather had his own inspiration for the films he was making. i can't remember if PS or DGG said this, but, once he was asked if he could erase one film from his memory, which one would it be? his immediate answer that came to mind was, "the worst film i've ever seen", but by doing that the knowledge of exactly what he did not want to do with his films would be wiped out. he went on to say that he'd much rather have the memory of seeing a mediocre film erased.

during the whole q&a session, i was enthralled. DGG was wearing a STRONG SAD tee shirt. they are friends with the guys who do! that completely made my day. i kept raising my hand to ask a question about the soundtrack and how they pulled it all together, but they kept picking other ppl. it's really intriguing to see someone in person who is responsible for putting beautiful images + sounds together. i suppose i'm just so used to seeing ppl that make beautiful music that i am not as shy + giddified as i once was. being in the presence of filmmakers today was a new feeling for me. no wonder i had butterflies.

i dragged my friend oscar to the second film, A Ma Souer (Fat Girl). actually, i had dragged him to 'all the real girls', but he had to leave early. Fat Girl was one of the most graphic films i have seen in quite some time. it is a story following two sisters (age 16 + 14) on their vacation. the thin girl, elena, seduces a young law student, while the fat girl, anais watches the inevitable trainwreck. the way that the two sisters spoke to each other just broke my heart. i don't know any sisters who have a relationship that is that disturbing. the ending was seriously one of the most fucked up things i have ever seen.

after two highly provocative films, i need a good dose of fluff. ahh, edtv, here i come.

01:33a addendum: edtv was *so* not worth it. adam goldberg is in it for maybe 10 minutes total. blech.
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