March 18th, 2003

aquatic, the life

maybe one day i'll follow the line of yr part as i silently count out the beats of yr heart

OH YAY OH YAY OH YAY ! steven stevenleighcook just told me to go ahead and buy tix for us to see The Fire Theft (jeremy enigk from sunny day real estate's new band!) at the TLA in philly on Friday night! i know that pinback is that night in philly too, but maybe i'll see a few of you up at the TLA. i hope so. let me know! don't worry! i'm not missing pinback. i'll see them saturday @ the black cat. yay! i just hope i have some hankys around. it's wierd that hanky is half of the word hanky panky. tissues = action?

i totally missed my friend chris' st. patty's day party tonight. why? i sprained my back. i threw my backpack in my car after class and then i got in my car and talked to my boss @ the street syndicate and i told him, "ouch. my back feels like i need to crack it." after i hung up, i realised just how bad the pain was. i was nearly home when i realized that i couldn't move my left arm, otherwise the pain would go shooting down my spine. i just slowed down and used my right hand to click the turning signal on when i came close to my street. i parked and turned off the engine and i waited until the end of 'bad diary days' when i managed to work up the noise to hoist myself out of the car. once inside i walked very carefully up the stairs, put my backpack down, and shook my coat off. i walked back downstairs and then the tears just started falling. i have never ever been in that much pain before in my life. i was afraid to sit down, for fear of not being able to get back up again without the pain starting again. at that point my father came home and he brought me two advil and opened a package from swappingtons for me, because i couldn't use both of my hands at once. he told me we should wait and see if the advil helped at all and he told me that i should probably lie down for awhile. i followed his advice and the pain subsided somewhat. i am most likely going to the doctor tomorrow, since it's still there, yet it's died down to a dull ache.

since it's been, oh, a week or so since my last display of self portraiture and i have a paper due tomorrow, now is as good a time as ever to post the ones i just took. OH, i'd get an A+ in procrastination.

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aquatic, the life

please sir, can i have some caffeine?

honestly, all i want to do is sleep. if i go take a nap in a bit, it'll be nap number three today. it's good i am listening to an appropriately named comp.

go to my CD list and tell me what you think i'm missing. PLEASE! some stuff, i may have on vinyl instead of cd. one example of this is american analog set. i really love to hear what you guys think. don't be shy! i won't laugh, i swear!

xo, yo.
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