March 14th, 2003

aquatic, the life

the girl with the pain in her tum

it turns out eating fried chicken for breakfast was not the best idea. oh, but the fortune cookie yielded a good msg: "someone is speaking well of you." where might one get a fortune cookie with their fried chicken and fried rice? YUM'S, of course.

RAINER MARIA WERE SO FUCKING GOOD LAST NIGHT. each and every time i see them i think -- there's no way they can top last time -- and they always do! that is what makes an amazing band! i do admit that i miss the days when the plan fans would come to the shows and air drum during 'breakfast of champions'. last night i was the only one! yikes! my throat hurts SO much from singing along last night. the r|m webmaster jasper was trying to get me to come to the philly show tonight, but i am broker than broke. i wish i could tho! mates of state were good too. i picked up wayne fadedbluestars from dccd and met up with christina youtripmeup there. i also saw mike xhi_fivesx who i hadn't seen in some time. this is the part where i mention i saw andrew from a distance. blah.

after the show we drifted down to saint ex, saint x, whatever, and i saw kathryn down there, but oh god - i have no idea how panic is going to succeed in that location. well, tonight's the first night @ this location, so i guess we'll see what happens. hmm. the smiths are over, what should i listen to next? mates of state!

the best news so far all day - granted, it is only 11:51am - i guess jonathan found this figurine cd 'transportation + communication = love', 'cos we've been doing a sort of store inventory and the other day i was just LONGING to own it and now it's mine! yay!
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