March 11th, 2003

aquatic, the life

some dream of cermonies. i dream of ragweed.

i just woke up from a crazy dream in which i was staying on the coast of mexico in an abandoned building. i ran into phil from maserati and we ended up making out for hours and hours. then i remember coming into a room and seeing him in a bed with 3 other people and then i remember running out of the room and running into a large field filled with ragweed. then a gust of wind came and blew all of the ragweed away except for one plant, which stayed intact. there was a girl there whose face i couldn't make out who said that we had to document this for the school paper, that this meant a lot to her, so i ran and ran and ran, covering my face all the while to keep my allergies from coming on, to get my camera. once i had it, i turned right back around and ran. then i realized the camera battery was not inside, so i turned around and ran back. then i was in a city square where there were cobble stones on the street and i remember the natural sound of wagon wheels rolling across and the sound of horse hooves smacking down upon them. then i saw victor sitting down with his father [i believe] and i ran up to him and told him that he should stay there for the summer and that, for $2 a day, he could live down here. he asked me if i was going to see some band the next night. then i woke up.

what does it all mean?
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