March 7th, 2003

aquatic, the life

on boys who cook

so, like, i totally have a crush on tyler florence [from food 911]. i cannot explain why. i think it's just 'cos he's such a charmer. i absolutely hate crushes [for serious]. also, i just hate the way i've been feeling lately in general.
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aquatic, the life

i am a copycat in need of a catnap.

leigh is ____.
if i were alone in a room with leigh, i would _______.
i think leigh should _____.
leigh needs ______.
i want to _________ leigh.
if i could describe leigh in a word: _______.
leigh will never ______.
leigh can ______ my _______.
i hope leigh never _____.
i _____ leigh because _______.
leigh should give up ______ for lent.
when i think of leigh, i think of ________.

fill the above out and leave it in the comment box. i <3 friendster for finding me new friends who tell me about old[er] music.

ADDENDUM 11:54pm - a travis morrison solo song is up HERE. thanks hannah mollymolly
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