March 5th, 2003

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3 tales of the wierd

in the most recent ads, they show a few yearbook pictures and which award each of the ppl won in high school. in these ads, there is a girl that i went to high school with. she's wearing a hat. the award they say she won was "class clown", which was not true. in actuality, it was more like "most likely to end up in a trailer park". i wonder if they have to get yr approval or if they can just randomly pick yr picture from yearbook proof sheets. i mean, how do they know that person is not dead? that would be wierd, right?

the other day i was walking up to class rather quickly, seeing as i was late. i'm always late, so this is not news. i realized there was someone walking uncomfortably close to me, so i sped up. anyways, then he says to me, "That's pretty loud." and i'm like "err, yes." he was referring to my shinkansen [sanrio, not the label, tho that would be even better] buttons jangling around on my backpack. anyways, then he asks me what they were. i told him they were japanese trains. then i sped up again. he matched my pace and asked if i had ever been there. i said no and he said, "okay, well, have a nice day!" and started running. ERR. hi. wierd in a not good way!

last night's dismemberment plan/the maginot line show was at johns hopkins shriver auditorium in b-more. i picked up collin from the springfield metro and we picked up ding from UMBC and jetted 'cos i was under the impression that the show started at 7:30. we got there and it was indeed in an auditorium with seats! 1/4 of the ppl there were sitting for the duration of the show. there were 3 bouncers there. all in all, a completely wierd show. at the end of 'the dismemberment plan gets rich', we threw change and 2 strands of mardi gras beads. this time i THINK they got it. all in all, it was a totally wierd show. before 'the ice of boston' travis asked one of the bouncers what the policy was there about ppl getting on stage "not to crowd surf". he shook his head, but travis either completely diregarded the msg or completely didn't get it. anyways, once one boy jumped up and started dancing, i pushed ding and she jumped up on stage and i followed right behind her. OH GOD! this time i took some pictures from the stage. my battery is charging, so i won't be able to upload photos until later, but god! it was fun and i recognized a boy off moc who i always thought was cute. i'd like to see what the pictures looked like from the crowd. if anyone finds some, link me, please.

i've gotta go study logic, which is COMPLETELY greek to me. so, err, i should probably be eating spanakopita, but i'm not. also, jenny linked me here: photos of the prom minus james hanging out in philly, which is i guess where we would have ended up, laini, if we'd chosen that path in the choose yr own adventure.
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