February 11th, 2003

aquatic, the life

memories made out of snow

         The day that I left for my trip to Toledo, it had been exactly one year since we had sloppily kissed goodbye at Baltimore-Washington International. Our tears became one after trickling down our cheeks and towards our quivering lips which were performing this function due to uncertainty as to when we would see each other again. We swapped the phrase “I love you” one last time in the terminal and I was off like a robot having just been given the mission: “Walk straight to your car." I could feel your eyes on my back. I knew exactly which face you were making: the one where your bottom lip juts out ever so slightly and your eyebrows squish close together. I knew you were hoping I would turn around and give you one more goodbye. I knew you sighed when I didn’t, when you realized that I couldn’t. Collapse )
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