February 7th, 2003

aquatic, the life

"sad girl, happy boy. sad girl, happy boy."

poole is cool.

oh god, i used to see poole all the time. i randomly followed some links off of bladin's website and found the above review. it is OH SO TRUE. if yr into indie pop, fuckin' pick up that album now. werd! haha.

shelly's surprise party tonight @ four seasons went over quite well, even tho laini, ding, and nic couldn't make it out, since the snow was coming down hella hard. to make up for them not being present, i drew them for shelly and we taped the drawings up in the booth with us. it was a total surprise to shelly, which was nice! i think that's the first real surprise party i've ever organized, so i am quite pleased with how it turned out.

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    poole - mary shakes her hair (in my head)
aquatic, the life

"the numbing of our words..."

once in awhile having my profile up on makeoutclub will yield something good. anyone who has their email address listed in their profile is bound to get TONS of junk mail, but once in awhile i'll get email from up and coming bands with links to their music. today was one of those days i was glad to be on moc. i actually liked the two songs up by this band a lot: absentee ballad. you should go d/l them. pop kids beware - these kids are definitely more for guk/coheed fans.

snow is everywhere and i talked to jonathan and he told me it was up to me whether or not i wanted to go in to now! today. i'm thinking about going in later. we'll see. i just hope no one actually wants to buy records and we're not open. :/

on with more link action before i go downstairs and watch the ALIAS my mom and i taped last sunday! i have had NO TIME to watch it. anyways, you artsy types: check out a new resource online for artists: the drama. it's a bit like art conspiracy, but the design is much nicer and it's easier to use. my tum is growling, so i'm going to forage for foodage.
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    absentee ballad - the focus