February 4th, 2003

aquatic, the life

"there's sorrow in your mind, but i would like to go...to a place where she can dance all night..."

just now, on the way home from school, i called shelly nerdling to see what she was up to tonight. then i explained to her how i was scarred for life this afternoon, when this girl sat down in front of me in class and i saw her crack! UNGH! she said something about ben gibbard making everything okay, since she could hear that i was listening to the austin bootleg in my car. i said that in every single death cab/ben gibbard song i can pinpoint exactly my favorite moment in each and she said, "oh my god...when he says 'are'! [in his cover of complicated]" and i was like "OH MY GOD - YES! that's IT!" fuck - now i'm tearing up again. thursday is her birthday and saturday she's leaving for florida since her dad is not doing well. in short, i am sad. i haven't had a friend like shelly in a long time. no more sad. must make good things happen until she leaves.
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    superheroes - let's dance