February 1st, 2003

aquatic, the life

"if we rewind and start again, will things be any different?"

today i received not one, not two, but THREE packages in the mail - all cds i'd swapped for off swappingtons! between those cds and the ones i've got for working at now! the past two days, i have 18 new cds to make friends with! OI VIV!

new friends:

close lobsters - foxheads stalk this land
do make say think - s/t
edson - unwind with edson
figurine - the heartfelt [swap]
forms, the - icarus [swap]
hayden - live at convocation hall [swap]
k. - new problems
kind of like spitting - bridges worth burning
lilys - zero population growth (cdep)
mercury program, the - from the vapor of gasoline
numbers - numbers life
ropers, the - s/t (cdep)
skating club - s/t [swap]
snow patrol - songs for polarbears [swap]
v/a - one last kiss
v/a - sweet sweet casio [swap]
velour 100 - songs from the rainwater e.p. (cdep)
woodbine - neskwik (cdep) [swap]

making new friends is nice! YAY! last night shelly and i made friends with a boy named jon who i met off the internerd. we took him to bob & edith's and severely freaked him out with our inside jokes involving kcw and sts and such. sitting directly behind jon was a shotgun hair boy who i swear MIGHT POSSIBLY BE the boy i gushed about a few months back having seen at the army of me show. anyhow, i'm really not sure. the boy who laini and i sat next to before the blonde redhead show the other night also could have been that same dream boy. only i didn't remember dream boy having glasses [tho irl, my dream boy WOULD have glasses]. hm. what am i going on and on about today? the boy at the diner last night had the remains of the black cat admission stamp on his hand. so. hm. and he was smoking too. oh wait. totally not my dream boy then! okay, now i can go dream of the dream boy who doesn't exist.

ps. out of all the cds i've got in the past two days i am most happy abou having this figurine cd! GOOD GOD! well, that tied with hayden!

love, love is just a noun; an empty sound, unless it's heartfelt.
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