January 31st, 2003

aquatic, the life

blonde redhead @ black cat - 30 jan 2003




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tonight's show was nothing short of breath-taking [both literally and figuratively]. blonde redhead performed such an amazing set that i could not believe that the show was over [even after 2 encores]. time just flew by. the new songs they've been working on are very strong. the show was completely sold out and it was like a dc role call! hah! eric dplan said he finally found the mix cd i made for him TWO MONTHS AGO, but has still yet to listen to it. why do i bother? my head hurts OH SO MUCH right now. i think it's a combination of standing 3 feet from the speakers tonight tied with the fact a girl behind me kept blowing smoke in my direction even after i gave her the evil eye. sleep will come soon.
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