January 26th, 2003

aquatic, the life

"whether you save me, whether you savage me..."

if the below is not proof of why you should join swappingtons, then i will not be able to convince you ever.

6 new to me compact discs

adult - resuscitation
hayden - Live at Invocation Hall - 2 CDs
joy electric - the white songbook [from impossible, disquiet on swappingtons]
minus the bear - highly refined pirates
snow patrol - songs for polar bears

in about a week of swapping and loss of six crappy promo cds, i swapped for the above discs. if you are now convinced, please sign up and list at least one item and refer me [madflowr]. i am addicted. seriously, i think i vaguely know what it feels like to be a drug addict. earlier tonight i was pacing around my room and i listed some of my DOUBLES

i might fuck up my new year's resolution to read a book every month, since i've been slacking on reading kiss & tell by alain de botton, which honestly, is amazing, like a book version of the opening sequence to amelie [no, really, i am completely serious]. i'm only a third of the ways through it tho. i have just been so stupid obsessed over stupid things that i haven't had time to read! yarg! tonight instead of watching the stupid bowl, i watched a stupid movie called, the salton sea. do not be fooled by cover art!

tonight has been all about songs on loop and swappingtons and getting tipsy off of one smirnoff ice. ahh, sunday nights.
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aquatic, the life

the invention of beauty

timing is everything
timing is everything

you know it's beautiful;
look at you.
you know you're beautiful...
need some attention.

you made me a prince,
said i'm important.
it raised me up on stilts.
no one can touch me.

gowns and panties,
fashion magazines...
stained with grape juice,
and torn at the seams.

i just wanna hold you in my arms
and sleep in your bed.
a quiver of arrows
was left in yr stead.

the gorgeous life
that i want to believe...
each one a promise of
everything i need.

you know it's beautiful,
it's your own invention.
you know it's beautiful,
it's your own invention.
you know it's beautiful,
it's your own invention.

you know you're beautiful.

i know you're beautiful.

- son, ambulance

OMFG OMFG OMFG. i was just listening to this song and thinking about the first time i ever heard it on a tape that jeremiah had made for me ages + ages ago. i remember feeling just all warm and fuzzy all over [all over] and thinking, my god, this boy must really and truly love me. this song is amazing. thinking that got me in one of those moods, so i gazed longingly at the saddle creek page to see if he [son, ambulance] good god, one day he would play a show SOMEWHERE NEARBY and POOF:

son, ambulance w/David Dondero and Jason Anderson
Fri. Frankie's Inner City
Toledo, OH

yea, it's a gazillion MILES away, but, hi. wow! also, i think this is the frankie's that evan mellosonic is always talking about. so what? i'll miss pinback @ the black cat, but i think it will be worth it even tho i lovelovelove pinback, since i've never seen son, ambulance. fork. grr. i mean, i guess i could just travel to nyc instead [errrrrr, and miss the aislers set/quails show down here], but but but...nyc crowds vs. toledo crowds. hm. i suppose i will flip a coin.

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