January 17th, 2003

aquatic, the life

"it's been the worst part of a year since you turned a cartwheel in here and said your goodbyes..."

this is a message to everyone who has ever intends to see their favourite bands, but misses them for some stupid, non-acceptable reason: DON'T MISS YOUR FAVOURITE BANDS EVER WHEN THEY COME TO YOUR TOWN [or a semi-near by town if they're not playing near you]! okay, now that i've prepared you for what i am about to say...

1 | the dismemberment plan are breaking up.

2 | the tour that they are putting together right now is going to be their last and then they're calling it quits.

don't ask me about 1 or 2, because i have absolutely no additional knowledge on the matter. i must have jinxed everything during the last two dismemberment plan shows in dc, because i kept thinking how truly truly happy i was that they had not broken up and how vital to the dc community they are. i truly am at a loss for words, so i'll just post pictures of hearts i made in the snow a few hours ago. Collapse )
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