January 11th, 2003

aquatic, the life

breaking the speed limit hurts less than breaking hearts

hi. i am back from toledo. i left a bit before noon and arrived here at 7:15p. i stopped only once, to eat at the summit diner in somersville?, pa. amazingly, it was the same rest stop i had stopped at on the way TO toledo. that was not done intentionally however. the drive was very very good! i didn't get pulled over this time. i listened to 4 cds and then i listened to the postal service for the rest of the trip [which i think was 6 times]. i took some crazy photos of these windmill things out of my moving car. oh, the photos will come. food now. then i'm going to get shelly to see one of the following movies: adaptation, 25th hour, just married.

this trip was one of the best ones i've taken. there is nothing quite like being on the road by yourself. it's even better during the day when you can see the scenery rushing by.

fortunes acquired this roadtrip:

test it out before you jump [under the covers]
something exciting is about the burst on the scene [under the covers]
you have a natural grace and great consideration of others [under the covers]

all the ppl who add 'in bed' instead of 'under the covers' can all DIE! too much hanging out with evan mellosonic - i'm wishing death on everyone! YAY!

addendum: 01-12-2003 @ 03:45am - we watched 'about a boy' here on dvd instead. it comes out on tuesday. the deleted scenes are pretty cute.
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