January 10th, 2003

aquatic, the life

three cities in one day . . .

leigh + evan + stephanie / milwaukee = fun! leigh + evan - stephanie / driving in snow = not fun! however, since the drive was taking longer than usual, evan asked if we could stop in chicago on the way back to take a break. i agreed that a break would be good, so we got out and he took some night photography. i called dustin ddrase to see if he was around, but he didn't pick up. so evan and i ate at a greek place - the name escapes me at the moment [i don't think i have ever mentioned this, but i have an OCD where almost every single place i eat at that has a carry out menu - i take one and keep them all in a hanging folder in my filing cabinet]. after chi-town, i drove + drove + drove and evan slept. everyone i have talked to is sicky sick sick, so there MUST be something going around. anyhow, now we're back in toledo, and i should be sleeping, but i got some wonderful music related news: Collapse )
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